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Casey Neistat Viral Video

Casey Neistat Viral Video

by Russell
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How to turn your apple watch gold


I embedded the making of  ” how to turn your apple watch gold ” video in the top content slot this month as I have only just found out about Casey and his story and love his style.

As a filmmaker credentialed with co-creating an hbo series and laurels from prestigious outlets like Cannes, Sundance and the Independent Spirit Awards

Sometime around 2010, Casey opted for the road less travelled, putting the traditional filmmaker path in his rearview to blaze a different and quite surprising path more in alignment with his DIY sensibilities.

Casey has logged over 129 million YouTube views, compelling Wired Magazine to remark, “Casey Neistat’s bite-size Internet movies have so much viral potential they make influenza jealous.”

After spending a bit of time looking at his body of work you cannot help but like like the man and his style.

Indeed I found out about him through a channel very different than the videocentric world I inhabit on this blog . I heard him on a podcast by ultra endurance and plant powered advocate Rich Roll…who by the way is a great interviewer and has great guests on his show


Dont forget to catch up and let me know what you thought of his stuff.

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