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Best Live Streaming App

Best Live Streaming App

by Russell
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Live streaming is the instant action video making without the expense.

Hangwith W/- live streaming app gives you the ability to live stream with text audience participation.

What Hangwith does far better than the new kids on the block periscope and meerkat is you can have native cloud storage and playback channel with the opportunity to download the stream to a video editing software to re purpose as youtube content for your channel.

The app also gives you code for a live player on your own website, with push function to twitter, facebook ( including pages) and youtube direct.

Smartphones have become mini-TVs with larger high-definition screens. In 2014, 53% of all video was viewed on mobile. That figure will rise to 69% by 2018.
People are now more keen to watch what they want when they want it.

It’s the same thing for us as broadcasters –we can now broadcast video content from wherever the action happens through smartphone apps like Hangwith W/-, this is a far better app for functionality than the other players.

Because of the twitter connection periscope has got a lions share of publicity but the long term quality of the Hangwith app I hope will be the winner in the fickle world of startups and shiny new objects

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