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Effective Video Marketing

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Effective Video Marketing

by Russell
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I am a member of Adam Payne’s video marketing insider membership site and he wrote a great article over at

Video Marketing Insider

His take on the effectiveness of video in marketing is very much on the money.

He goes through the most effective types of video content for marketing

Brand story videos: brands use videos to explain their mission, vision, and products, and services.

Demos and How-Tos: these types of videos are created by brands that offer technical or complex solutions.

Animated videos: these are proven to be visually stimulating. A study even shows that people retain 15% more information when watching an animated video than a regular one. 

Live streams: live streams are currently part of the top viewed videos today across all social media platforms. 

Video testimonials: video testimonials are used in creating more personalized promotional messages.

Behind-the-scenes: BTS videos help brands establish a personal, even emotional connection with their audience.

Video content provides brands with the creative freedom to share long-lasting messages with their audience. 

People want to see what they’re buying.

Therefore, they interact better with brands that provide visual context.

Video has a sharing power that rivals any other content type. 

Head over to check out Adams content he is one of the good guys in the space of internet marketing.

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