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Content Level 3

In this module you get you hands and eyeballs on the content for your, hosting solutions, where to put your content, how to get it there, what players you can use, understanding file containers, codecs, under the hood stuff that is good to know, explained real simple,

There are 2 more introduction videos to software program solutions

Content Level 2

Here you find out where to get stock libraries, Tools, Vector images, Music, sound tracks, Scripting, pace, understanding Volglers principle, storage of files 2 more how to videos of animation software Continue Reading

Content Level 1

Welcome and G’day. This first section of the course is laid out in an overview of what video marketing is about, finding where it fits in your particular niche and what you need to do to set yourself up for being a video content producer. As I explained in my introduction to the course this… Continue Reading