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The use of stockcasting in animation video production

How to use Animation Software

How to Use Animation Software

I have been using a few different type of animation software for my online video marketing and really enjoy the challenge that goes on with learning to get the best from the programs.

I have used many of the programs with the free and paid versions, tinkering under the hood and seeing what ticks and what breaks.

I have decided to put together and release a course on understanding how to use animation software and best practices for editing, production and distribution.

It will include Understanding the medium of video, how to use it, and where to put it.

I will be releasing the product shortly, it will be something quick to get through with action steps and outcomes but with a long term goal in mind as you build your business prescence with the ever growing content you will be able to produce

I want to show you how to educate, inform, and entertain your audience.

And all this for the fraction of the… time suck…. and money….for traditional¬†online video costs

  • This 4 part course will cover such topics as
  • What is the best video format for your niche
  • what is the best type of content
  • Where do I get content
  • Where do I get… do it yourself programs
  • How much is it going to cost
  • How do I get help with technical aspects
  • If I do this what value will it add to my business
  • If I dont want to do it myself where do I get it done.

You will also get a simple to understand guides for video ranking and distribution

understanding how Google+ Youtube video = quality SEO and an

Introduction to the apps and services for what I call On The Run Filming…….. for producing simple fun powerful video content.