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Online video for small business

Online video for small business

by Russell


New marketing calls for new rules. Even though it appears to many that video is all the rage as a new medium for communication and selling it still is in its infancy and there is many ways that can be done right and it can be done wrong in.

I thought these rules were really good as a starting space for getting to understand what needs to go in to a good marketing video by the medium of the Internet.


 Rules for Online Video Marketing Success

  • The rules in the online space are different than they are on TV. You have to take more chances, speak the Internet language, and create entreating content people will want to watch…and share.
  • Don’t be apologetic for selling a product. Don’t try to hide it behind a funny script and then just stick a logo on the end. Embrace the fact that people love your product. Lean into it.
  • Be flexible with your creative process. Have fun with it. Try not to take it too seriously, and that energy will end up on screen.
  • Web celebrities are really savvy about how to use the digital tools they have at their disposal. Watch what they’re doing, and do what they do. Put annotated links in videos, drive viewers from one social media platform to another, make it all connect. They do it without any money, and you can do it on a very tight budget, as well…..


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