Video Advertising Essentials

Video Advertising Essentials


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With more and more search and entertainment being conducted through mobile search and streaming video marketing messages need to have and be video friendly and relevant to consumer demands.

Social networking has greatly boosted the market for mobile devices as well.

You can easily keep in touch with people faster than ever before with one simple click, no matter where they are on the globe. This instant connection is rapidly redefining Video Advertising Essentials  and how individuals and businesses interact with each other.

It is also having an impact on how they build relationships.


Not only is it enhancing the way we connect it is also having a huge impact on the way we do business.

Good Video Advertising Essentials

Make sure your video addresses a consumer pain point.

Pay attention to the open and close. “The first five seconds of a
video is crucial,”

Advertising on YouTube has changed dramatically :TrueView, the system that only charges advertisers when their ads are watched fully, wasn’t around two years ago.

Affordable Marketing Pre-Internet, small businesses needed to splurge on television ads to reach viewers, something many couldn’t afford.

YouTube marketing,, removes cost as a barrier and lets companies put their messages in front of 800 million worldwide viewers.

YouTube is a blessing for small businesses.


YouTube Advertising and Industry impact


There is no doubt about the incredible impact video has made and is continuing to make on the on-line marketing scene and the offline world. ReelSEO had a great post with Robert Kyncl Chief Business Officer at YouTube from a keynote speech at CES  where he delivered some interesting stats and predictions. Right now, watching video—whether on…

Vidchop youtube channel audit

Vidchop Youtube Channel audit Vidpow Academy, Vidchop YouTube Audit they give you quick basic insight as to your Video Tags Under Optimized, title length, Subscriber to Views, Views to Engagement , along with a few other metrics to consider with an explanation of the meaning. Such as Average View Duration (last 90 days) What this…

Best Live Streaming App

Live streaming is the instant action video making without the expense. Hangwith W/- live streaming app gives you the ability to live stream with text audience participation. What Hangwith does far better than the new kids on the block periscope and meerkat is you can have native cloud storage and playback channel with the opportunity…