Hang With live streaming app


Hang With live Streaming App


Hang with is a live streaming app that gives you the opportunity to connect real time with your audience with a text conversation during the broadcast.

I know this can be done through Hangouts etc but as long as you have got a WiFi or network connection it is a quick and easy way to get a broadcast up and running without going through all the rigmarole of setting up Youtube live streams, encoders and the rest of the technology you have to deal with.

If you have a good connection it works if you don’t well you either go somewhere it works or  give it up.

What I like about the app is that for me who does a lot of activity content it is so easy to get content to either stream live or pull it down later and repurpose it as I show you in the video below.

The only drawback is you can only shoot in portrait view but  with a bit of thought and a selection of lenses you can make an interesting clip to share to you audience and followers.

At the time of this post you can broadcast for up to 15 mins but if you get a “prefered” status you can go longer.

A feature I find good for me is the I can capture a lot of content without worring about the storage on my device as all the data is stored in the ccloud servers which I can access later repackage pretty up and repurpose.

The platform has been geared heavily towards celebrity users with large social media followings, obviously realizing the power of brand and social media to spread the message.

Like Twitter in its early stages there is a lot of crap in the content but the search functions and the what’s hot type of  streams give you something to work with until you start to find your crowd and the content you like to follow or people who like what you do.



I am a great fan of live stream content and believe it is still in the infancy in the world of video marketing use.

Simple figures tell you that with the rise of smartphone use and the capabilities they have smart marketers will be on board with mobile technology. Will Hang With W/ be the next major social media channel who knows.

For now I like the functions it has for the way I like to produce content, do I expect it to get better, yes the company is on the stock market and I would expect more development money to be thrown at it.


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