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Video Marketing in 2020

Video Marketing in 2020

by Russell

Video Marketing in 2020

Some of the stats that are part of the push for all business to have some form of video asset as part of their marketing arsenal consistently point to the need not just to have a video asset but to understand its ROI and the various ways to manage the video asset for the best return.

As the trend of video marketing takes hold more and more businesses said they used video for the first time in 2019.

This has increased the level of competition, meaning video marketers have to be very intent on what video assets to use as a marketing tool with a difference or hyper-focused intention to their audience needs.

ROI on video marketing has to be intentionally tracked with specific CTA actions or as long term brand assets for search and discoverability.

 You can use a video asset to


 1. Increase traffic to a website

 2. Increase user understanding of product or service

 3. Directly increase sales numbers.

 4. Increase the average time visitors spend on a page.

 4. Help generate leads.

 5. Reduced the number of support calls 

Video marketers credit video with achieving marketing goals with the numbers being consistent and growing over several years.

The perceived downside to video Marketing

 1. Video for marketing is too expensive.

 2. Lack time to invest into video marketing.

 3. Don’t use video for marketing as they don’t know where to start

 4. Unclear on the ROI of video

  5. Feel that it’s not needed

One of the obvious results you want to achieve is positive customer interaction and or action as a result of the video asset placement.

Using an explainer video to learn more about a product or service has shown to be a positive ROI.

Video used to promote a software or app purchase or download

People are twice as likely to share video content

Watching a brand’s video of a product or service persuaded positive buying decisions.

The popularity of video consumption from the buying public can be seen from many angles to be a positive investment for any size business.

Part of the decision making for a business video asset creation, is where is the placement and what is the intention.

Apart from brand domain website pages, other placements will vary dependant on audience and topic. 

YouTube is still the dominant platform for long term search results and a familiar destination for most video consumers.

Platforms such as Linkedin and Facebook as social media outreach have been steadily gaining user popularity.

Instagram stories, Snapchat, tiktok, are very market demographic dependant for reach and the effectiveness that can be reliably tracked is a tough call. 

The approach that we go forward with our service at NicheWebVideo is 

Interactive Video Content Marketing

Polls and quizzes

Input forms for collecting leads

Branches that lead to other videos or landing pages

Video gates

Choose a format that fits with your business goals as well as what your audience likes. The ultimate result is to know what your market wants and design for them.

Bells and whistles are great, but if your interactive content doesn’t provide the answers your market wants, you will not have a successful campaign or productive video asset.

As a business owner, you can invest in the latest doodle video app creator and spend time on understanding the mechanics of video management and sometimes that’s what you might have to do to realize … that a well thought out and data-driven video asset that you don’t have to manage and maintain is by far the best option.

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