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Video Marketing in 2020

by Russell
Video Marketing in 2020 Some of the stats that are part of the push for all business to have some form of video asset as part of their marketing arsenal consistently point to the need not just to have a video asset but to understand its ROI and the various ways to manage the video asset for the best return. As the trend of video marketing takes hold more and more businesses said they used video for the first time in 2019. This has increased the level of competition, meaning video marketers have to be very intent on what video […]

5 Top Video Marketing Strategies

by Russell
The Top 5 Video strategies stand for something.   They have a clear understanding  about what they deliver on and what they don’t.    It’s about distinguishing yourself from the other video noise in a unique and authentic way.    A good repeatable strategy is about choosing to be extremely good at a few things and let the noise and fluff that is in the industry go its own way.   Once you successfully do this, you can truly stand behind your video strategy for your brand in a way that can be identified as your original and individual style.  […]