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5 Top Video Marketing Strategies

5 Top Video Marketing Strategies

by Russell

The Top 5 Video strategies stand for something.

They have a clear understanding  about what they deliver on and what they don’t. 
It’s about distinguishing yourself from the other video noise in a unique and authentic way.
 A good repeatable strategy is about choosing to be extremely good at a few things and let the noise and fluff that is in the industry go its own way.
Once you successfully do this, you can truly stand behind your video strategy for your brand in a way that can be identified as your original and individual style. 
Once you pick how you’re going to present your brand/message, you can create a powerful video strategy that you can fully own.
With a solid video strategy, you can consistently back up your brand message to your customer, without the need to be constantly reinventing yourself or jumping on the next “thing” for video production with what ever the flavor of the month is. 
A good video strategy can back up brand promise with guarantee on a consistent basis.
This promise and guarantee can be visually  communicated on a consistent basis ensuring customers choose your product/service helping remove buying concerns in their mind.
Communicating a brand promise and guarantee with strong video assets and strategy, will help you as a business brand to be more familiar in your market.
Consistent visual positioning attracts customers to your business with strong market to message match while at the same time filters out the ones that will not work for you. 
Your organization can deliver on  processes and services you have as the prominent features of a well crafted ongoing video strategy.
Here are 5 steps for developing your video marketing assets.  Done well, these assets can continue to have a positive ROI for a long time.

1. Identify your best customer


Before you develop your video marketing assets, you need to know who and where your audience is. 
If you have a data base of current customers, identifying who your best ones are and what they needed from you and how they react to your service/product is a good start. 
Once you understand these you can decide which type of video assets you want to produce and what platforms you want to focus on in your strategy.

2. What key message you want visually articulated


By Identifying your best customers and choosing the handful of things that create the right message market match, you create your video assets to suit.
As a business your brand positioning/message is what you are cultivating and is part of what your success is built on.
Simply put, by choosing a format and style of your video assets, you make it easy to communicate.
You can’t be all things to all people; you can be quirky if your audience appreciates it, but it’s better to be a few things to the focused market segment that you know and represent the authentic message/voice of your brand. .


3. What is the stop signal for a buyer decision


Once you have your format and style, focus on what gives your audience confidence to move further along with product/service buying decision.
Use the appropriate imaging and style to calm down or suspend the thought pattern of what gets in the way of them saying “yes” to your offer.
Interest them enough to follow the CTA you include in the initial video asset


4. What length are your video assets to be

As always your market or product will dictate content.
Our specialty and dedicated market take on the use of video assets, are quick to the point CTA messages that complete market place introductions and message match placements to suit the platform, audience, and business goals.
Take those key points and figure out what you can do to as a brand to serve your audience with the right market to message match and platform relevant video asset. 
If they are worried that the product is the wrong size, promise that you have returns. If they are worried that the program does not work for them, promise that you lead them through it etc.


5. What comprises do you make

Yes comprises, you have your promise, good guarantee and know your ability to deliver, but trying to fit the message you want into a viable cross platform CTA video asset can be at times a tall order.
By focusing your video asset creating strategy on just a few key customer needs highly relevant to your brand service/product you can then build your marketing campaign from there.
Any information comprise you make in your video asset production by way of platform constraints or need for brevity can be made up with CTA (call to action) gateways built in to your asset placement management. 
Follow the links below if you want to know about video production and our asset management services.