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Free Video Tools

by Russell

As the use of video increases and the more it is regognized as an esential marketing medium, so does the increase of  drag and drop or AI video production facilities.

An ever increasing methood of using video is to tell a Story with branded video content marketing or a series of quick bite size ” instagramable” social media content.

Yes you can have “throwaway content” if it does not take up your time and is not a waste of a viewers time

Lumen5 combines powerful A.I. with a simple drag-and-drop interface that is very intuitive and is able to help you create professional video content in minutes.

One of the elements I like about the service is that you can link up your blog to the system and have an automated video render of your content that is of a quality that is more than passible for a social media post.

The free tier content structure is a great way to get your video content production off and running with no tech skills at all.

I have another site that I keep with an anti-ageing content message, the video that I have posted as part of a quick review of the Lumen5 service in this blog post is taken from a post on my site without ANY editing on my part.

You have a full dashboard to work with inside the Lumen5 tool and you can modify to your hearts content, though I think the value behind the LUMEN5 is the ability for its very sophisticated AI to do its magic and you get on with something else.

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