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What is a video Advertorial

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What is a video Advertorial

by Russell

 We have all seen the advertising claims and copy of the image above … does it work or when converting an advertorial to a video format how can we get the attention grab intention of the copy to promise more than a done to death “sales pitch”

“A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.” — David Ogilvy, the Father of Advertising

 The advertorial was invented as a tool for converting strangers into customers.

When it’s done right, the visitor never feels like they’ve been sold to. Instead, you have helped them discover a new product.

And that’s the power of video.

“With banner blindness, ad blockers and ad fraud at all-time highs, advertorials have become increasingly important in the digital advertising space. Experts predict native ads (an iteration of advertorials) will dominate ad revenue in the coming years.” — Advertise.com

Some video creators think a video format advertorial is a sales page, that’s the biggest misconception.

 An advertorial with a video media component should NOT try to sell the product.

The job of the advertorial is to visually attract readers without the sales message standing out. Then to make them believe your message and finally take action to learn more about the product mentioned.

Selling the product is the job of how you set up the sales funnel process through the salesperson or sales page.

The advertorial is a connection between an obvious ad and the sales funnel.

An important point is with the device capabilities and internet connection that most buyers are able to access, advertorials don’t always need to be in written form

This is where a video format has a clear advantage by tapping into the modern consumption habits of product buyers.

Various research firms predict 80% of the Internet will be video by the year 2021. Even now Youtube, FB Live, and IGTV. are powerful platforms for video media content designed for an entertainment advertorial viewing style of marketing.

 The purpose and process are the same, as copywriting elements in video, audio, or written advertorial

You will start by writing it, video and audio start with a written script and you still include all the same persuasive elements.

Copywriting for a video medium only differs in the volume of words used which is a learned skill of its own of how to say less but still have a persuasive call to action set in an advertorial format.

A difference in a video or audio advertorial is that by adding a voice-over and imagery that enhances the written script you engage a deeper part of the buying phsycy.

Always start an advertorial with researching what is currently the “pain point” for your prospects.

When you brainstorm their fears, frustrations, and wishes by connecting imagery with your solutions it lessens the need for the viewer of the video to “imagine” themselves finding a solution they have to do all the thinking about.

And what thoughts are those?

Every advertorial starts with deeply understanding what will draw the Attention of Your Target Customer.

What subject, word, identity, area, or object would everyone in your market instantly recognize. You are looking for a similar reaction if you were to yell “FIRE” in a theatre.

You start connecting the attention-grabbing message with a reason why they will want to be interested in what you have further to say.

There are a few variations of templates on how to create your advertorial reason why to buy, here is one that is a simple little fill in the blanks exercise…

Before [solution] I struggled with __________________ and was frustrated because _______________.

Now that I have [solution] I can finally ____________________ and ____________________.

Those blanks area can be whatever, you need to fill it in with.

The idea is that It’s trying to use the information you have gathered of what is inside the users head about their frustrations and wishes so that you can be seen as the pain point solution.

You want to tease the solution. You can do this by telling a story of all the things you’ve tried but failed (more agitation), and then explaining that you did find one thing that worked finally.

As with all good stories don’t deliver the final chapter and reveal the final scene just yet though, instead of fully revealing the solution you tell them how they can find out more about your offer. 

You give them a visual prompt to call now, download now, click here, or press play, whatever the action you want them to take to further the relationship of the solution provider.

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