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by Russell

I do recognize the fact that in many of the posts I put here that there is a lot of text based content 🤣🤣🤣🤣 but wherein lay the lesson that it is not only one size fits all and the world is only going to respond to a video medium message as the be all to end all solution.

If you treat every message you want to deliver as a nail then the only tool you would need is a hammer but there is more nuance and variety needed to be able to reach your audience.

Video management is not only an important aspect of a successful marketing campaign it is crucial as a tool for direction and correction.

There is many aspects of video performance and delivery that will dictate your next production or placement.

This aspect of performance and consumption is either measured in view counts or click through from the CTA.

AB testing and analytics are the next level of video management that needs to be in place for a health ROI of the video production.

What Video Management Tools Do You Use

Video Management tools vary in price and usability a view count on a youTube hosted media content using the native insight tool will give you a free service with useful analytics and information, third party paid tools like tubebudy will give you more data that you can use for a low cost investment.

When it comes to AB testing, click through counts, distribution placement counts, these are factors that matter if you are utilizing video content as a paid traffic source.

The effectiveness of a video placement and production is more than the initial keyword search and content tags though these are important elements the monitoring of the “effectiveness” is the role of a good video management strategy

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