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Kaltura Video Hosting

Kaltura Video Hosting

by Russell

I have been looking at what options are available for video delivery platforms working through what Kaltura is offering and seeing where it fits for a video marketing strategy 


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Mobile & HTML5 Video Player

With the huge rise in video consumption on mobile devices, it’s important to find a solution that’s both easy to manage and flawless for viewers. We make it easy with mobile-ready encoding flavors, seamless device detection, customizable players, and built in support for advertising, analytics, and subtitles. Our HTML5 video library provides you with the most advanced mobile delivery technology stack available today.

Device Detection and Device Support

Video Platform - Device Detection and Device Support

Provide a seamless viewer experience. Kaltura’s player automatically detects the device your viewer is using, and displays the video in either HTML5 or Flash format. Supported devices include: Android, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad








What are you using—leave me a comment below

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