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Easy Video Player Review

Easy Video Player Review

by Russell

I have been playing around for ages with tools and toys that pertain to getting a niche web video ready  for an online video presentation.
One of my favourite tools is Easy Video Player.
For ease of use it is a real treat for those who are technically  challenged.  Like all tools it has a learning curve but if you are using Amazon S3 it take all the challenges out of getting a self hosted video file.
I am all for the power of Youtube and the need to be on that platform  My Youtube Channel 
What happens when youtube/google has another hissy fit and decides you are
lowly scum and are to be  exterminated 
google the destroyer
If you have your own player and hosted content you always have a backup if a third party provider pulls the pin on you and leaves you high and dry. The great thing about Youtube is there is no cost attached to any viewing that your audience will do. If you are just putting something up for fun and there is no commercial intent you will be undisturbed if all of a sudden your channel disappears as what happened recently to a few marketers.
I have used a video of a Sunshine coast Meetup group I attend and have put in some features you can employ with self hosted video.
One is chapter indicators that can be used for specific points in the video. Controlled annotation and elements such as the ability to lock the video from play completion until an action has been taken, such as what I have demonstrated here, where you are required to tweet a message to unlock the player.
You can have it set with a by pass button ( as I have here just in case you are thinking if you play the video you have to tweet about it 🙂 




Click on the above information image to play video

 As always I encourage you to let me know if there is any particular subject you want to look at ……….

Just leave a comment below  and start a conversation 

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