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Livestreaming with manycam adding media files

by Russell
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Livestreaming with manycam adding media files When ManyCam is your video source you can use your webcam with multiple applications and websites simultaneously. ManyCam 5.3 is now released for Windows users! they have made some improvements that should enhance video streams, chats and calls, I will let you know how it goes. They say they have resolved audio / video sync issues, fixed various bugs, and improved stability & performance to create an even better experience and added MJPEG support for HD webcams to increase FPS to help make your video stream as smooth as possible. I am still have […]

Effective Video Marketing

by Russell
    Not all videos are born equal.   Making a video presentation to long is a sure way to turn of viewers . Often made  no one wants to watch a video that will take forever to end or get to the point right. Especially if it’s about a product promotion, but a 90 sec animation gets under the radar of being sold to. I do like this Animation type video from the crew over at  http://www.curveball-media.co.uk/        Creating videos that are too long.    Longer videos  mean a bigger file size if you are providing a […]
Stockcasting how to make animation videos


by Russell
I have been playing around with all sorts of live streaming and multi camera programs for awhile attempting to find something I could work with that is not a huge capitol outlay but actually works.   I am still working on the upload speed and live transmission via wifi connection but I am enjoying the experiencing I am having with using the Livestream   http://www.livestream.com/userguide/?title=Procaster   According to the Livestream website, more than 40 million people watch events on the system each month, created by more than 300,000 producers. Those are serious numbers. In addition to the free limited account […]

Stockcasting for Your NicheWebVideo Creations

by Russell
       Lets face it  You know video sells       Big time I Have decided to put all that I have been discovering in one place that makes it easy for anyone to access information on using  Stockcasting for your NicheWebVideo creations.   Okay you have a head for radio, as they say and you know everyone is a critic,  so where do you get the content  Fiverr, Odesk  Your own VA                 Yeh Right   On your budget a VA ain’t happening , you spend more time investing in something that costs you far more than […]