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Muvizu 3d animation

by Russell
I enjoy the creativity that comes with technology and the possibilities when couple with the imagination. Muvizu is one of those programs that bring the art of 3D animation into the realm of anybody with a decent computer and some time to invest in the learning curve that comes with an program that needs to be learned. It is a lot of fun though at the same time time an effort to get some of the features to manipulate like you want, hence the time that needs to be put into getting it looking good.   As a video that […]

Stockcasting for Your NicheWebVideo Creations

by Russell
       Lets face it  You know video sells       Big time I Have decided to put all that I have been discovering in one place that makes it easy for anyone to access information on using  Stockcasting for your NicheWebVideo creations.   Okay you have a head for radio, as they say and you know everyone is a critic,  so where do you get the content  Fiverr, Odesk  Your own VA                 Yeh Right   On your budget a VA ain’t happening , you spend more time investing in something that costs you far more than […]