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Muvizu 3d animation

Muvizu 3d animation

by Russell

I enjoy the creativity that comes with technology and the possibilities when couple with the imagination.

Muvizu is one of those programs that bring the art of 3D animation into the realm of anybody with a decent computer and some time to invest in the learning curve that comes with an program that needs to be learned.

It is a lot of fun though at the same time time an effort to get some of the features to manipulate like you want, hence the time that needs to be put into getting it looking good.


As a video that can stand out from the crowd it is great it is an inexpensive excursion into  3D Animation… and frustration 🙂

At the same time a lot of fun to work with. I saw this parody of the singing astronaut Christopher Hadley singing from the international space station.

Being a David Bowie fan I could not resist to comment on it .. even if they missed the actual reference that he was originally singing about.




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