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Stockcasting how to make animation videos


by Russell

I have been playing around with all sorts of live streaming and multi camera programs for awhile attempting to find something I could work with that is not a huge capitol outlay but actually works.


I am still working on the upload speed and live transmission via wifi connection but I am enjoying the experiencing I am having with using the Livestream




According to the Livestream website, more than 40 million people watch events on the system each month, created by more than 300,000 producers. Those are serious numbers. In addition to the free limited account (available from their website only), plans vary from AUD$617 pa for Basic to $AUD12358 pa for Enterprise.



This is the next version of the livestream equipment I am going to work with 

streaming video

It will be fitted on to my canon with a telstra 4g  network connection. I will post on the result.

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