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YouTube Live Streaming

by Russell



Youtube live streaming

When you look at the statistics of video consumption you realize very quickly it is not going to take a dive anytime soon. I have been trying to get a good GHA presentation so that I can run a hangout as a presenter.

Unfortunately I struggle greatly where I live here in Australia with bandwidth issues specifically upload speed. Upload speed being the critical ingredient for  good  Youtube live streaming capability.

I consider what goes on in Youtube land to be the same as what Big G does in hangout land. I have been trying to find a work around for getting a smaller better quality stream to upload to the CDN of the google network.

I first tried starting a hangout through my youtube channel so I had more control over the ingestion data but it still did not work out as well as I had hoped.

The video is nothing exciting but it is part of a 3 part record I kept of the whole experiment. I am still working on a a way to get better quality stream upload and have been trying out a couple of the standalone encoders to see if I get any better results.

I will post on the outcome of that in the next few weeks. 


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