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Stockcasting Videos

by Russell

Okay so what is stockcasting ?

As Dave Kaminski at web video university says “StockCasting videos are a different animal than “traditional” web video. There are specific rules you MUST follow. There are specific techniques you MUST use. There are specific ingredients you MUST include.”

I am not sure if David made the name up, as there is not a lot of references to the term when you ask ol mate Google.

It is a cool way of getting content together and making up an interesting video without a lot of hassles that go along with lighting, setup, talent and other constraints of videography. David has been around for a long while he made his “name” not so much with video production but with copy writing so I guess if Dave says stockcasting videos is an industry word let’s go with it 🙂

What has been on the rise for a while is the explainer type video with the animation and cartoon effects depicting the message.

I am well versed in the composition of the make up of these stockcasting videos and believe there is a long way to go before the market place gets tired of them.

Again quoting David A huge reason why StockCasting videos are so incredibly powerful is because they are NON-THREATENING. and I get that, you never seem to be “sold” to when you are watching cartoon or animation type. I use it a lot in different markets and it always is well received if you stay within the boundaries of time and specificity.

There are a few different players in the animation software game and sometimes steep pricing for a DIY learning curve, but if you use video often you can find a unimagitive Fiverr gig for $5 to productions that can run into thousands of dollars as a professional done for you service.

Depending on your budget and time constraints would be a deciding factor as to what makes a better option for you and your  business.

Either way if you are a business who needs a marketing message that stands out of the crowd amongst a noisy background of marketing messages you could be well servd to have a look at what you can get for your money over at  http://webvideouniversity.com/stockcasting/ I have bought of  David before today and it has been a good experiance, he gives away a lot of good info for a nichewebvideo producer.

In saying that if you have a working knowledge of the product Powtoon the $99 dollar price tag may not be worth it as I felt as it is, of now, just a high price for a how to video you can get for nothing elsewhere…..BUT….Dave is saying the product is not yet completly finished and there is more value to come.

The production on the course is of a good standard and the delivery platform perfoms well with the video streaming working well accross difrent devices.


This Video below I made up from the free editon of Powtoon one of the software providers for this type of stockcasting video


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