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Stockcasting for Your NicheWebVideo Creations

Stockcasting for Your NicheWebVideo Creations

by Russell

       Lets face it  You know video sells 

     Big time

I Have decided to put all that I have been discovering in one place that makes it easy for anyone to access information on using  Stockcasting for your NicheWebVideo creations.  

Okay you have a head for radio, as they say and you know everyone is a critic,  so where do you get the content

 Fiverr, Odesk  Your own VA 
             Yeh Right
On your budget a VA ain’t happening , you spend more time investing in something that costs you far more than 5 bucks, chasing up the finished product, and finding out it is not what you wanted in the first place  FRUSTRATED UNCERTAIN
where to go and how to go forward.
                 I get it…….I have totally been there 
So I am going to ease your pain and let you in on a Secret    Stockcasting                                                           
                        What the ?????
okay its nothing you have not seen before and the medium will get even bigger acceptance
You want No hassle, time efficient, inexpensive video content,  This is your ticket
I want to show you how to educate, inform and entertain your audience, for the fraction of the time suck, and money it takes for traditional online video costs
  • This 4 part course will cover such topics as
  •  What is the best video format for your niche 
  • What is the best type of content 
  • Where do I get content
  • Where do I get do it yourself programs
  • How much is it going to cost
  • How do I get help with technical aspects
  • If I do this what value will it add to my business
  • If I dont want to do it myself where do I get it done.


You will also get a simple video ranking and distribution guide
understanding how Google+  Youtube video = quality SEO 
Introduction to the apps and services for a format  I am calling On The Run Filming
for simple fun powerful video content.
Niche Web Video Production
Find out how

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