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Stockcasting for Your NicheWebVideo Creations

by Russell
       Lets face it  You know video sells       Big time I Have decided to put all that I have been discovering in one place that makes it easy for anyone to access information on using  Stockcasting for your NicheWebVideo creations.   Okay you have a head for radio, as they say and you know everyone is a critic,  so where do you get the content  Fiverr, Odesk  Your own VA                 Yeh Right   On your budget a VA ain’t happening , you spend more time investing in something that costs you far more than […]

Stockcasting Videos

by Russell
Okay so what is stockcasting ? As Dave Kaminski at web video university says “StockCasting videos are a different animal than “traditional” web video. There are specific rules you MUST follow. There are specific techniques you MUST use. There are specific ingredients you MUST include.” I am not sure if David made the name up, as there is not a lot of references to the term when you ask ol mate Google. It is a cool way of getting content together and making up an interesting video without a lot of hassles that go along with lighting, setup, talent and […]