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Video Management

by Russell
I do recognize the fact that in many of the posts I put here that there is a lot of text based content 🤣🤣🤣🤣 but wherein lay the lesson that it is not only one size fits all and the world is only going to respond to a video medium message as the be all to end all solution. If you treat every message you want to deliver as a nail then the only tool you would need is a hammer but there is more nuance and variety needed to be able to reach your audience. Video management is not […]
video for fun and profit

Race to 1000 subscribers update 3

by Russell
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Race to 1000 subscribers The race to 1000 subscribers has been great even though I am a long way of the target I am making headway with an increase to 253 up twelve for August for my http://youtube.com/user/watzzupsport channel and an increase to 48 subscribers on this channel. I have got to really appreciate what Youtube analytics can show you and how to best use the data. It is hard to do a lot without some traffic numbers but as soon as you get something to work with you can start to get a feel for what to do next. […]

YouTube Live Streaming

by Russell
    Youtube live streaming When you look at the statistics of video consumption you realize very quickly it is not going to take a dive anytime soon. I have been trying to get a good GHA presentation so that I can run a hangout as a presenter. Unfortunately I struggle greatly where I live here in Australia with bandwidth issues specifically upload speed. Upload speed being the critical ingredient for ¬†good ¬†Youtube live streaming capability. I consider what goes on in Youtube land to be the same as what Big G does in hangout land. I have been trying […]

Stockcasting Videos

by Russell
Okay so what is stockcasting ? As Dave Kaminski at web video university says “StockCasting videos are a different animal than “traditional” web video. There are specific rules you MUST follow. There are specific techniques you MUST use. There are specific ingredients you MUST include.” I am not sure if David made the name up, as there is not a lot of references to the term when you ask ol mate Google. It is a cool way of getting content together and making up an interesting video without a lot of hassles that go along with lighting, setup, talent and […]