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Race to 1000 subscribers update 3

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Race to 1000 subscribers update 3

by Russell
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Race to 1000 subscribers

The race to 1000 subscribers has been great even though I am a long way of the target I am making headway with an increase to 253 up twelve for August for my http://youtube.com/user/watzzupsport channel
and an increase to 48 subscribers on this channel.

I have got to really appreciate what Youtube analytics can show you and how to best use the data.

It is hard to do a lot without some traffic numbers but as soon as you get something to work with you can start to get a feel for what to do next.

So its Spring here in Australia and I am starting to see a bit of Growth so that is great.

With more and more search and entertainment being conducted through mobile search and streaming video marketing messages need to have and be video friendly and relevant to consumer demands.



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