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Effective Video Marketing

Effective Video Marketing

by Russell



Not all videos are born equal.


Making a video presentation to long is a sure way to turn of viewers .

Often made  no one wants to watch a video that will take forever to end or get to the point right.

Especially if it’s about a product promotion, but a 90 sec animation gets under the radar of being sold to.

I do like this Animation type video from the crew over at 





 Creating videos that are too long.


 Longer videos  mean a bigger file size if you are providing a downloadable copy, the video file will take longer to download.

These are things to consider when putting together a nichewebvideo depending on the message keep the videos short and sweet so we can get the attention of the person who is watching it.

It must be engaging for your viewer of course ensuring we offer great content.

By planning your video in the first place,deciding if you want your videos to be short and punchy you need to prioritize things that you want to point out or illustrate.

If you’re going to create a video about a product that you want to promote then it  always make sure the benifit to the customer is obvious early in the piece, mentioning  what they will gain from it.

Summarize each important point you want to express if it’s too long then don’t be afraid to cut it and edit it.

You can also make a series type video presentations splitting long videos into 2 or 3 shorter ones.

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  • December 5, 2017

    If you want to promote your product or company it is better always to go for the shorter video.

  • Russell J
    December 6, 2017

    Yes, there is a truth in that shorter videos are more in tune with attention span rates these days, but you should always test for your audience and product sweet spot.

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