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Manycam live streaming webcam software

Manycam live streaming webcam software

by Russell
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Manycam  as a multi camera input and vision switcher

I use a product called Manycam to act as a multi camera input and vision switcher. It is a low cost product with a good set of features even it is a bit clunky as an oporating system.

Where I broadcast from the internet connection is next to useless so I always come across as a low quality stream but I keep at it just for the experience of running a Broadcast with multi inputs and switching just for the experience, one day the Upload speed I can access will match my aspirations so I will be ready for it. 🙂

By that I mean it is a low end quality with processing time in the program that slows down video sync and the green screen function are not clean or easy to manipulate.

Though in saying about the obvious negative side of the program it has for a fee of US$79 a multi input version that allows you to connect a mobile phone as a video input , it does have a green scene function as well as screen sharing and image effect that are found at a lot higher price point in other programs.

You can get a free version to play around with and if you like it you can come back to it after you have looked at the other software on the market like wirecast, obs, live stream and the like.


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