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New Apple iphone final leaks and rumours

New Apple iphone final leaks and rumours

by Russell
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Okay so we know the iPhone 6 is out and there is lots of talk about what it is capable of.

Here we are only interested in its capacity as a video content tool creating Niche Web Videos for fun and profit.

I posted the video below for the fact he has really good in depth content on the make up of the iphone 6 that I though was great information as learning content.

But what does it mean for Video marketers

1080p HD resolution (rear camera) 720p (front facing)
now at 30 FPS or at 60 FPS.
60 FPS means you can capture smoother video
of moving objects.
This is a great if you do stuff like I do off the bike or running.
Bigger Screen:
The iPhone 6 has a Retina HD 4.7 inch display,
the Plus has an even bigger 5.5 inch display.
I hope it has a better response so you can see the screen in bright daylight when you playback.
If you use the front facing to film yourself you can monitor without
squinting quite so much.
Increased dimensions could mean it’s a little harder to handhold though,
will need to test that one.
New sensor:
Both have a similar 8MP unit with 1.5-micron pixels
and f2.2 aperture. f2.2 rather than the previous f2.4 is now
provided on the front facing (81% more light according to Apple).
Also HDR Video is available for calls on the FaceTime (front) camera.
So, overall better in low light and less grainy.
This has been a problem always is that the camera preforms poorly in low light environment.
Err…….hang on its a phone…isn’t it ?   lets face it a mobile device is become more and more the personal lifestyle device and ultimate business tool as opposed to just a phone.
Better Autofocus:
A dedicated pair of ‘focus pixels’ do clever things with phasing
to allow for twice as fast ‘Continuous Autofocus’ picking out the main subject
and shifting focus without much delay.
This should help with the very sluggish autofocus on current models
making outdoor ‘reality’ style filming less of a headache or if you
can’t keep still when filming in your home studio, it could prove handy.
240fps Slow Motion:
The 120fps on the iPhone5s is awesome but now you can
slow it down twice as much.
I do use another app for this effect but it is good to have it thought about as a native function.
[svpVideo v=1]
Cinematic Video Stabilisation:
Using clever trickery with the gyroscopes
Apple says you can now capture steadicam
style video handheld even when you are moving.
Big bonus if you film action or ‘reality’ style
Marketing Videos at events or for behind the scenes
Videos or for handheld location interviews.
Built in Timelapse feature:
iOS8 does the work, just swipe to capture smooth timelapses.

Great for creative Video Marketing eg. artists who want to show their work

as it’s created (speeded up), or builders showing a driveway being
Sidenote: If you can’t wait to do timelapse, try the new Hyperlapse app from
Instagram. You can save to your camera roll, no need 
to use Instagram at all to use it. Has very cool stabilisation
I have been hanging on to my 4s as it is a great device and I have been actually using it as a phone but now I can feel justified to upgrade to the iphone 6 as a business expense..of course 🙂



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