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Youtube Versus Facebook Video views


Youtube Versus Facebook Video views

by Russell

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 Credits: How-to Get the Most YouTube Video Views Via Facebook [#TubeTalk #54]


  1. Facebook give prominence to posts with videos uploaded directly to Facebook.
  2. After Facebook-native video, Facebook gives secondary importance to posts with images uploaded directly to Facebook.
  3. After native images, Facebook prioritizes text-only posts.
  4. At the lowest priority, Facebook prioritizes posts with a YouTube link.

Andy writes that “Your YouTube video link is initially getting suppressed in your audience's feeds.” So what should you do if you want to share a YouTube video, and make money from the ads that run on it, and not have it suppressed initially? Here are Andy Stack's recommended steps for posting a YouTube video to Facebook:


Tips for Posting a YouTube Video to Facebook

  1. Take a large-sized image snapshot/screengrab of the video that is catchy or matches the video's thumbnail. Or with a little more effort you can make a short video teaser snippet of your full-length video.
  2. The first thing you do to a new Facebook post is upload that image. Or upload the video teaser for better results.
  3. Take the YouTube URL for the video and “disguise” it through a URL shortener, like bitly.com. Bonus points for using Bitly for a short URL of a playlist that starts with that video, because you'll increase watch time on your YouTube channel because your next video in the playlist will automatically start after the first one ends.
  4. Write the text in your Facebook post and paste in the shortened URL for the video or playlist. You have to upload the photo first so it registers as a photo. You can't post the link first because Facebook will recognize it as a YouTube video, even though you've posted it as Bitly link.
  5. Post it.

Tim finds that user-initiated playbacks for Facebook video is around one percent. In one example, a Facebook video has reached 836 people and the post details show that were just 4 clicks to play the video, a much lower view rate than on YouTube.  people may passively like things but not actually watch. Lastly, both Tim and Jeremy strongly recommend using Facebook's tagging function with images as it will show up to their friends and followers.The Fundamentals of YouTube Sharing on Facebook

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