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Video Walk On Presenters

Video Walk On Presenters

by Russell
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Video walk on presenters are not a new item of bling brought to the world of video marketing, they have been around for awhile.

What has changed is the display and effectiveness [bz9_webmaster_tools saved=”1751″ /]

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The truth is that you only have a very short time to engage the curiosity and interest of the mind behind the eyeballs that have arrived on your site. If the visitor is annoyed by the walk on presenter then you are going to get a back button click and they are gone.

If you make sure the walk on presenter can be useful or entertaining and definitely has the ability to be X’d out quickly it may be enough of a differentiator for visitors to stay around to hear and read your message, this is where testing comes into play.[svpVideo v=2]


[svpVideoReveal2 v=2] Coupled with a great tool like Simple Video Pro to mix up your video players and message you can make a lot of changes and effects with a small amount of effort. When you combine any variation of a video marketing message it has the ability to hold a viewers attention. All you have to do as marketer is to provide interesting content  [/svpVideoReveal2]

As the company http://www.video-interactive.co.uk/ say quite correctly

“Visitors come to your website but they don’t stay long. Why? Is it because they can’t immediately see or find what they are looking for? Is it because you don’t stand out from your competitors who all have traditional website videos? ”

It is a creative and compelling way to quickly engage with your website visitors.


Visitors can immediately identify that you are different to your competitors. This has shown to reduce “bounce rate” increasing your chances of being contacted, leading to more sales.”

Here in Australia the company http://ipresenters.com.au/ has the view  that the ” future success for any online business today will depend more and more on a website with video content and the experience it creates for its viewers.

Website video presenters ‘Walk-On’ web presenter videos will engage your customers with its unique ‘Call-To-Action’ that immediately relay’s your company’s important information in seconds, well before they get the urge to leave your site.”

At the other end of the scale over at  http://www.quora.com/ you can find a thread  Do-walk-on-video-presenters-improve-web-design-and-conversion-performance that has some people hating the idea to coments such as ” after implementing the video walk on presenter  The results through the site were significantly different. Average time on site went up to 6min. Our conversion rate went up significantly ie. actual enquiries and meeting to work.”

In my opinion if done with the right information it can be a powerful marketing tool.

Let me know what you think of walk on presenters

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