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YouTube Advertising and Industry impact

YouTube Advertising and Industry impact

by Russell
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There is no doubt about the incredible impact video has made and is continuing to make on the on-line marketing scene and the offline world.

ReelSEO had a great post with Robert Kyncl Chief Business Officer at YouTube from a keynote speech

at CES  where he delivered some interesting stats and predictions.

Right now, watching video—whether on TV or online—is the single most important media activity.

There are only two things we do more than watch video: sleep and work. More than five hours a day are spent watching video, and those hours fuel a $200 Billion economy, with the majority of that money coming from Pay TV subscriptions.

This in itself is an amazing number and the Idea that it is only going to get bigger and technology even more sophisticated to enable smoother delivery and viewer experience should be something any business should be looking at.

The most obvious of the popularity of video is  digital video is inherently MOBILE.

Every year, our screens are getting bigger, brighter and sharper. Today’s best phones can both display and record in 4K.

At the same time, our batteries are lasting longer and our data speeds are getting faster. Even the sound is getting better.

All of these trends are creating phones that are making the mobile video experience better than ever.

All experiences will be available through the Youtube platform which will continue to be the big player in the on-line video platform space. Paid advertising through video ads will be more of a viable and sought out means of advertising budget across all levels of business activity.

The barrier of entry at the cost level is low and the return for small business on-line and offline is now a feasible return on investment taking the place of prohibitive expensive traditional TV advertising media buying.

By getting to understand the place that video content has in advertising medium acceptance and reach will encourage more business to try YouTube advertising as a cost effective marketing choice.

On top of acceptance and availability of better data supply and mobile device performance the new experiencing of VR and 3D composition are still uncharted territory.

I have put in as this months top video at the top of the page the 3D production a brand new animated film called Special Delivery, produced by the studio behind Wallace and Gromit.

With Special Delivery, your mobile device becomes a window to the story happening all around you. You can see different things, follow different characters, and even unlock stories within the stories. All of you can watch it but have a completely different experience.

Yes it is the beginning and another bright shiny object, but it is something to keep an eye on as the VR and  3D space come into their own as marketing tools and industry standards.[svpVideo v=1]



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