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‘The Force Awakens’

by Russell
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I know the cynics will be saying that a blog post about content creators piggybacking off  of current new buzz stories whilst embedding the same video content is a blatant play at playing the same game…. and so that is is, but it is still awesome statistics that go with it. The new star wars ‘The Force Awakens’ second trailer  amassed 88M Video Views for  #TheForceAwakens  in Just 4 Days These are serious numbers that prove trending topics are a great way to boost the profile of primary/secondary channels, regardless of the content you usually discuss. [svpVideo v=1][svpVideoReveal1 v=1]This next video is […]

How to Build An Audience For Your Videos

by Russell
I think Steve Washer from BrainyVideo.com has a great site and his tips on getting an audiance to your videos is really sound advice. He has a pleasent style and the production of his video is not over the top but demonstrates value added production editing make a video stand out in the crowd.   [trafficplayer_skin padding: 19px 0 0 22px; width: 592px; height: 449px; background: url(http://www.nichewebvideo.com/videomarketing/wp-content/uploads/skin19_560x385.png) no-repeat top left; text-align: left;][trafficplayer_youtube_video width=”560″ height=”385″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/LOPG0hxKwRg?modestbranding=1&showinfo=0&autohide=0&controls=1&rel=0&enablejsapi=1&version=3″ ][/trafficplayer_youtube_video][/trafficplayer_skin]…