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Race to 1000 subscribers Challenge

Race to 1000 subscribers Challenge

by Russell
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The race to 1000 challenge I started with Tom martin from https://www.youtube.com/user/FAQTubeO…

Up to 265 subscribers which may not be huge but it’s an arrow going up after being stagnant for years. 🙂

Its been a slow progress as I chart the subscriber rate to my channel https://www.youtube.com/user/watzzupsport, I would like to think some of the content we have there is interesting yet it is not obviously something that attracts a lot of viewers.

I have found that by committing to a schedule of publishing it was a great learning lesson of itself for editing and the technical aspects of the production. Now that I am in the new location and setup I will re assess what schedule and content to produce.

As i just enjoy the art of video production and all that goes along with it I will keep adjusting and tweaking to get better and the content and discoverability.

Finally getting connection after waiting a month for the internet connection to our new location a wild hailstorm blew through the town and I was able to upload footage of it to my twitter account and youtube channel.

The ABC and local TV channels picked it up and aired it in the news segment.

After not being able to post any content for the month the influx of watch time helped the channel stats no end.

With more and more search and entertainment being conducted through mobile search and streaming video marketing messages need to have and be video friendly and relevant to consumer demands.

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