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What is a video Advertorial

by Russell
The idea is that It’s trying to use the information you have gathered of what is inside the users head about their frustrations and wishes so that you can be seen as the pain point solution.

Video Management

by Russell
I do recognize the fact that in many of the posts I put here that there is a lot of text based content 🤣🤣🤣🤣 but wherein lay the lesson that it is not only one size fits all and the world is only going to respond to a video medium message as the be all to end all solution. If you treat every message you want to deliver as a nail then the only tool you would need is a hammer but there is more nuance and variety needed to be able to reach your audience. Video management is not […]

Who Uses Web Videos To Promote Business

by Russell
Think about having an exciting new product for a particular customer. You want to tell your customer all about it, but it is complicated. It may be technical and too difficult for the customer to comprehend. At best, they will skim over the article. At worst, they will not even read it. What if, instead, you sent them a video of the product in operation? Do you think they will be more or less interested? If you are unsure about the answer, as yourself the same question. What would you rather see? A video demonstration of an exciting new product […]

People Are Visual

by Russell
People Are Visual Sad but true, most people would rather watch television than read a book. People love to be entertained. Ever since the advent of television, people began staying inside and watching TV rather than going out with friends. Television has more of an influence on society during the 20th century than anything else.before the arrival of the Internet. Then things started to change. In addition to just watching television, people could find out information, interact with others and even make money on auctions. And each year, the Internet becomes more sophisticated. There are billions of websites out there […]