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Mini Food Pancake

Mini Food Pancake

by Russell
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The Mini Food pancake video I put in the top video content display is the latest in the viral trends in the youtube food video space

I enjoy watching what is out there on the interwebs as it applies to the interests that I have, struth !!! I have even been sucked into a cat video or 2  🙂

As Carla Marshall over at  The site http://www.reelseo.com/ wrote in her post

Teeny-tiny versions of things work like a dream for viral video content, especially on social media, where the squeeeeee-factor can drive engagement right off the charts. A hugely popular addition to the genre of videos that make you feel all warm and fuzzy is the tiny cooking challenge, where humans create edible masterpieces for themselves, or in the most crowd-pleasing sub-genre, hamsters, hedgehogs, and other little creatures.

We know that food-related content performs extraordinarily well on YouTube in terms of engagement, particularly among Millennials. And not only are tiny cooking videos adorable, they are racking up millions of views across the internet, and fans are engaging with them in the form of shares, likes, and tweets. In fact, tiny cooking videos are one of the hottest food trends on YouTube right now.

As much as everyone loves a good meal, people are inclined to watch food videos on YouTube for four main reasons: entertainment, exploration, expertise or ease. YouTube food videos serve the spectrum from inspiration to creation: they’re the chef, the teacher and the guide when you most need them.

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