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by Russell
I follow a couple of good resources and one of them is http://www.videomaker.com/ and I saw this awesome piece of creative video making post. The creator Jack Conte is the primary video editor of the Pomplamoose music video. This production took three full days to make and edit the video, with half a day dedicated to planning. “All effects in this video were created with only white foam board and one single projector. We drag shapes around in our video editor…to line them up with our set.” By creating this video, Pomplamoose shows that with a projector, video editor, time, […]

Stockcasting for Your NicheWebVideo Creations

by Russell
       Lets face it  You know video sells       Big time I Have decided to put all that I have been discovering in one place that makes it easy for anyone to access information on using  Stockcasting for your NicheWebVideo creations.   Okay you have a head for radio, as they say and you know everyone is a critic,  so where do you get the content  Fiverr, Odesk  Your own VA                 Yeh Right   On your budget a VA ain’t happening , you spend more time investing in something that costs you far more than […]

Stockcasting Videos

by Russell
Okay so what is stockcasting ? As Dave Kaminski at web video university says “StockCasting videos are a different animal than “traditional” web video. There are specific rules you MUST follow. There are specific techniques you MUST use. There are specific ingredients you MUST include.” I am not sure if David made the name up, as there is not a lot of references to the term when you ask ol mate Google. It is a cool way of getting content together and making up an interesting video without a lot of hassles that go along with lighting, setup, talent and […]

Kaltura Video Hosting

by Russell
I have been looking at what options are available for video delivery platforms working through what Kaltura is offering and seeing where it fits for a video marketing strategy    [imaioVideo v=1] Mobile & HTML5 Video Player With the huge rise in video consumption on mobile devices, it’s important to find a solution that’s both easy to manage and flawless for viewers. We make it easy with mobile-ready encoding flavors, seamless device detection, customizable players, and built in support for advertising, analytics, and subtitles. Our HTML5 video library provides you with the most advanced mobile delivery technology stack available today. Device […]